Titan HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fans

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Turning your facility into your happy place. (And turning and turning…)

Boom—we just changed the world of industrial ceiling fans forever. Introducing Titan, our new line of direct-drive HVLS fans. (Cue sound of minds exploding.) With a whopping wingspan of up to 24 feet, these lightweight powerhouses will slash your energy bill while making your workforce more comfortable and productive. Your HVAC system will breathe a sigh of relief, too. And did we mention ROI in three years or less? Yeah, you read that right. Here’s what else you need to know.

Sorry, gearbox. We’d rather hang with direct drive.

We ditched the gearbox. Like a hot potato. OK, actually it took a lot of research and development. But the result was our innovative direct-drive motor that’s the heart and soul of our HVLS fans. Way, way lighter. Jaw-droppingly efficient. More powerful than the other industrial ceiling fans out there. And wicked affordable (think lower install, operation and maintenance costs). So good luck to you, awkward gearbox fan. Maybe you can find work as a ship anchor or something.

Such an easy install it makes your head spin.

All you need is your two hands, a screw driver, and a lift. Your coworkers can go to lunch. Everything we could pre-install for you, we did. Here’s what you can expect during your install 

  1. Slide fan blade into hub and listen for the pin click
  2. Tighten the set screws
  3. Move on to the next blade

The wingspan of a pterodactyl.

There are large industrial ceiling fans. And then there’s the Titan. Available in five sizes, this master of the ceiling pushes air into every nook and cranny of your facility—slowly, steadily and silently dominating output with its colossal blade span of 14, 16, 18, 20, or 24 feet. That’s what the high volume, low speed fan is all about. You won’t hear it coming. But oh, you will feel the difference.

Even vampires aren’t sure they’ll outlive it.

Since 1886, Hunter’s been crafting ceiling fans that last a lifetime—and then some. Our industrial ceiling fans are no different. Fewer blades, fewer moving parts, less weight—and of course, superior in-house design and engineering—means your Titan fans will likely outlast the building you put them in. Just saying.

Titan 24

24 ft diameter
204 lb / 93 kg
71 rpm maximum speed
150 ft Dia | 22,500 sq ft maximum affected area

Spec Sheet

Titan 20

20 ft diameter
190 lb / 86 kg
74 rpm maximum speed
125 ft Dia | 15,625 sq ft maximum affected area

Spec Sheet

Titan 18

18 ft diameter
183 lb / 83 kg
95 rpm maximum speed
113 ft Dia | 12,769 sq ft maximum affected area

Spec Sheet

Titan 16

16 ft diameter
175 lb / 79 kg
102 rpm maximum speed
100 ft Dia | 10,000 sq ft maximum affected area

Spec Sheet

Titan 14

14 ft diameter
168 lb / 76 kg
103 rpm maximum speed
88 ft Dia | 7,744 sq ft maximum affected area

Spec Sheet

Designed for Your Industry

A better work environment is better for business. Find out how Titan industrial ceiling fans are cutting costs and boosting profits across multiple industries, whether your workforce consists of people, four-legged friends or both. Think we don’t understand your space? Try us.

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Touchscreen Controls

Easily integrate with your BMS and control multiple fans with one touchscreen panel, available in three sizes:

5” – UP TO 5 FANS
10” – UP TO 30 FANS

Prewired Downrods

Hate running cable through tight spaces? So do we. That’s why Titan HVLS fans come with prewired downrods.