The Titan in Your Industry

From industrial to commercial ceiling fans, Titan means business.

Now there’s an easy way to improve everything from product integrity to employee safety to patron satisfaction in your facility. Best of all? You’ll save money doing it. Introducing Titan HVLS fans. Silently distributing air into every corner of your space—with business benefits that speak volumes.

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Industrial Ceiling Fans

Warehouse ceiling fans, barn ceiling fans—whatever you need for your industry, Titan industrial fans are one of the most cost-effective ways to put environmental controls in place. Don’t see your industry here? Get in touch with us. Because we get it.

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Air distribution like nobody's business.

Worried about product integrity? Titan warehouse ceiling fans deliver air throughout your facility, regardless of obstructions like equipment and storage. And a more comfortable environment keeps workers safer and more productive, too. So…you don’t have to connect a lot of dots to get from healthier warehouse to happier wallet.

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Serious air mooovement.

Agricultural ceiling fans like the Titan are a simple way to combat serious challenges, from feed spoilage to foot and leg problems. How? By increasing airflow and reducing dust, mold and building temperature. Bonus: barn ceiling fans help keep the bugs away and the smells at bay, too.

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Secret ingredient? Airflow.

Steady conditions—in your production, storage and tasting areas—are crucial to the success of every batch. By delivering maximum airflow for pennies a day, restaurant and bar ceiling fans like the Titan help maintain an ideal temperature for workers, product and patrons alike. Cheers to that.

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Smooth air isn't just for flights.

Big temperature fluctuations at the airport only make travelers more uncomfortable— and irritable. A consistent environment is also essential for technicians and the aircraft they service. With energy-efficient Titan HVLS fans, everyone stays comfortable, paint dries faster and corrosion is less of a concern, too. Exciting, isn’t it? But please remain in your seats.

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Better air in the making.

It’s a fact: temperature affects productivity and safety. Too hot or too cold, and workers slow down and lose concentration, making accidents more likely. Air quality is another major issue in manufacturing. The solution? Keep productivity and well-being high with Titan HVLS fans. Working with your HVAC system or solo, the Titan provides powerful air circulation to help maintain a consistently comfortable work environment.

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