High-Volume, Low-Speed Industrial Ceiling Fans


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Turning your facility into your happy place. (And turning and turning…)

  • Boom—we have changed the world of industrial ceiling fans forever. With Titan and ECO, our newest line of direct-drive industrial fans, our lightweight powerhouses have wingspans from 8 feet to 24 feet that make your workforce more comfortable and productive, all while slashing your energy bill. Your HVAC system will breathe a sigh of relief, too. 
Here's what else you need to know.

Sorry, gearbox. We’d rather hang with direct drive.

We ditched the gearbox. Like a hot potato. OK, actually it took a lot of research and development. But the result was our innovative direct-drive motor that’s the heart and soul of our HVLS fans. Way, way lighter. Jaw-droppingly efficient. More powerful than the other industrial ceiling fans out there. And wicked affordable (think lower install, operation and maintenance costs). So good luck to you, awkward gearbox fan. Maybe you can find work as a ship anchor or something.

Such an easy install it makes your head spin.

Your coworkers can even go to lunch. Everything that we could pre-install for you, we did.

Watch our installation videos, which show just how amazingly simple our fans are to set up.

Titan Install Video
ECO Install Video

Even vampires aren’t sure they’ll outlive it.

Since 1886, Hunter’s been crafting ceiling fans that last a lifetime—and then some. Our industrial ceiling fans are no different. Fewer blades, fewer moving parts, less weight—and of course, superior in-house design and engineering—means your Hunter Industrial Fans will likely outlast the building you put them in. Just saying.