Yazoo Brewery Installs Hunter Industrial Titan Fan for Comfort and Moisture Control

Location: Nashville, TN 
Industry: Brewery 
Product: Titan 16´ 


Nashville microbrewery Yazoo Brewery saw a need for better airflow and a proper cooling mechanism in their facility, particularly during the hot summer months. While they had ventilation fans installed on the apex of their roof, there was no way to move the air throughout the 12,000 sq. ft. building. 

With summer weekend tours in full swing and temperatures rapidly rising, the owners were concerned about comfort for both their employees and brewery guests. Because of the large amounts of water used within the facility—which can contribute to workplace injuries and mold concerns—moisture control was also an issue.

In May 2016, Yazoo had the Titan 16´ fan installed in a 40 ft. by 40 ft. space within their warehouse. To create a cool atmosphere for visitors, the fan was installed above an area that was used as one of the main stops on the brewery tour. Previously, without proper airflow, the floor in this area had always been wet with stagnant moisture. Since the fan was installed, the floor has remained dry. 

“It definitely creates a nice strong breeze,” said Yazoo founder Linus Hall. “The design also seems to be a lot sleeker than the other big fans on the market and the touchscreen system is really intuitive.” Compared to similar products from competitors, the Titan offers a smaller, more powerful motor, a sleek design aesthetic, fewer blades for less stress-inducing torque and slower velocity for far-reaching airflow, making it the perfect cooling/heating component for any brewery warehouse space.

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